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Leaders Put Good Intentions into Action

A blog that I follow and that often inspires me is one that is about leadership in general, but the writer often writes from an obvious Christian perspective. While his blog post today, Leaders Put Good Intentions into Action, isn’t written with that obvious perspective, it does have obvious application to Christians. It is a good challenge to us all.


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My Expectations of a Disciple: FAT

Sunday morning I met with the people at our church who had signed up a few weeks ago to be discipled (in response to my challenge during my message). The primary purpose of the meeting was to get things kicked off in the discipleship process by discussing expectations, both theirs and mine.

I had them share their expectations as they introduced themselves to the group. Their expectations were pretty non-specific and along the lines of what I anticipated. We talked a little bit about the difference between discipling and mentoring, at least from my perspective. I shared that I usually think of discipling in the context of a more mature Christian teaching a young Christian spiritual disciplines to help them to grow, whereas mentoring is often more of a peer-to-peer relationship of encouraging and guiding in developing a ministry skill. I did stress in regards to their expectations that I was not going to be teaching a class … that this was about one-to-one discipling and that I would be helping to connect them with a discipler, in most cases someone I was training to disciple them.

Most of our time was spent sharing my expectations of someone I would disciple (and naturally, what I had told those I am training to expect). I explained that a good part of my discipleship training came from The Navigators who often train by using easy-to-remember illustrations and acronyms. Thus, I was looking for FAT people to disciple:

Faithful: you can be counted on to do what you say … if given an assignment to do/read something by our next meeting and you agree to it, you are expected to have it done

Available: you can’t disciple someone who is not available … it’s best to engage face-to-face, preferable weekly, but not always possible; evaluate the effectiveness of email / phone / internet chat interaction

Teachable: while disagreeing with what you’re being taught is not forbidden (or even necessarily discouraged), constantly rejecting direction given and not even trying what is suggested prevents progress

While it is not necessary to communicate these expectations to someone you wish to disciple, it is helpful for you to keep them in mind as you evaluate whether it is an effective use of your time to continue to seek to disciple them.

I also pointed out to the group that it is also very possible to disciple someone without them knowing that you were doing so. This would be common with someone that you lead to Christ. It should naturally progress from that point to continue to meet with them and share with them how to get established as a Christian … teaching them to pray, to read the Bible, to have a quiet time, etc. All of this could be done without ever asking them if you can disciple them or telling them that you are doing so. Much like a parent with a newborn baby … you don’t tell them what you’re going to do or get their permission, you just love them and teach them what they need to learn to survive and grow.

The adventure begins!


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A Revitalized Focus for 2011

As I was beginning the year and preparing to preach at my home church (as a layman … we are ‘between’ pastors), I was pondering a new years resolution, which I am not in the habit of making. Since I was going to be preaching on ‘The Call to Fruitfulness’ for all Christians and believe that fruitfulness is accomplished best one-to-one, I decided to use a play on words (or numbers) using the year.

So I ended up with a new years resolution which I will remember easily throughout the year by (as I encouraged the congregation to do also) not saying or thinking twenty-eleven or two-thousand eleven when I refer to the year, but to say two-zero-one-one instead. With the simple addition of some two-letter prepositions, it expresses my resolution: To zero in on one to one …

  • With Jesus
  • With a Discipler / Mentor
  • With a Disciple

As part of that focus and as part of our ministry role with Community Bible Study, I am starting this blog to share my thoughts on discipling and some practical tools I have learned over the years for personal discipling.

I welcome your comments and questions.

Yours in Christ,

Sam Allgood

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