As I was beginning the year and preparing to preach at my home church (as a layman … we are ‘between’ pastors), I was pondering a new years resolution, which I am not in the habit of making. Since I was going to be preaching on ‘The Call to Fruitfulness’ for all Christians and believe that fruitfulness is accomplished best one-to-one, I decided to use a play on words (or numbers) using the year.

So I ended up with a new years resolution which I will remember easily throughout the year by (as I encouraged the congregation to do also) not saying or thinking twenty-eleven or two-thousand eleven when I refer to the year, but to say two-zero-one-one instead. With the simple addition of some two-letter prepositions, it expresses my resolution: To zero in on one to one …

  • With Jesus
  • With a Discipler / Mentor
  • With a Disciple

As part of that focus and as part of our ministry role with Community Bible Study, I am starting this blog to share my thoughts on discipling and some practical tools I have learned over the years for personal discipling.

I welcome your comments and questions.

Yours in Christ,

Sam Allgood


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