What Would Jesus Do?

In 1897, Charles Sheldon wrote a Christian classic titled ‘In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do?’. It is the primary source of the question sometimes heard in Christian circles of ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ or seen in its abbreviated form: WWJD. Unfortunately, far too often it is regarded as a worn-out cliche and not as a very important question that every Christ-follower should be seriously asking several times a day.

In this practical novel, the pastor of a small local church is practically forced into challenging his congregation to asking themselves this question before making any decisions for a whole year. The majority  of the book is the story of those who accepted the challenge and the impact of those decisions on their lives and their community.

Asking such a question and responding accordingly seems to me to be at the very heart of making Christ the center of one’s life. In fact, I wonder how anyone could make a serious claim that Christ is the center of their life if they are not regularly asking this or a similar question.

As you seek to walk with Christ and serve Him as His disciple, ask this question often, walk in obedience to the answer, and watch your life be transformed!

If you care to read In His Steps, it is still available in book form and also online in its entirety at Kansas Collection Books.



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2 responses to “What Would Jesus Do?

  1. philip

    For those with Kindles it is available free here: http://www.amazon.com/In-His-Steps-ebook/dp/B002RKTDDQ

  2. Just pondering your rhetorical question…WWJD? I wonder if the best question for me is “What would Jesus have ME do, in this situation?” Given the distance between him, the Son of God, and me…. a bridge needed to span that gap… a bridge too far I realize I fall short of the goal! Because he is the Son of God he has infinite understanding and ability to know complications and ramifications I never will. WWJD is not a bad question to ask. It may be one dimension short of the goal for the true disciple? As I walk in the power of the Holy Spirit I can exercise the mind of Christ, as Paul said it to the Corinthians. The constant walking in the Spirit, seeking to answer that question, produces in me a value system that defines me as a disciple. The answer to WWJD, then, opens the door to a deeper walk with him.

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