My Expectations of a Disciple-Maker: FAITH

Yep, another acronym: FAITH

I shared this one last Saturday morning with two men from our church who wanted to be discipled and to disciple someone else. In addition to sharing with them what I expect of someone I’m discipling, I shared with these men what I expect of someone I’m training to be a disciple-maker.

As implied in the title, I’m looking for a man of FAITH. As I was trained in this area by The Navigators, the FAT part of it was the same as what we look for in a disciple (Faithful, Available, Teachable), but I felt like I wanted to change that since I would obviously still be looking for those qualities in a disciple-maker. So here’s my take on being a man (or woman) of FAITH:

Follower: they have a follower … someone to disciple (or a least they’re looking for and are ready for one); it’s best to have someone to share what you’re learning with immediately rather than waiting until the end of a lengthy training process when you will have forgotten a lot of what you were taught.

Able to Teach: without the ability to pass on what you have learned to someone else, you really won’t be successful at discipling; this takes very simple communication skills, not public-speaking; if properly trained, the information will be easily transferrable.

Initiative: they don’t have to constantly be reminded or encouraged to do something; the ‘Well Done’ expressed in Jesus’ parable was not for obedience, but for initiative.

Transparent: openness to share their lives, including weaknesses, struggles, and sins

Heart for God & Men: Great Commandment … love God with heart, soul, and mind and neighbor as self; passion to serve God and to minister to others


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