Beginning With Christ

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Beginning With Christ booklet by The Navigators

A great resource for helping new believers to get on and stay on the right path spiritually is a booklet by The Navigators titled ‘Beginning With Christ’. The Navigators have specialized in personal disciple-making since 1933 and have consistently seen the value of the spiritual discipline of scripture memory.

Many people trained by a Navigator, to include myself, testify that scripture memory has been THE MOST BENEFICIAL spiritual discipline they have ever learned. Satan will do everything he can to keep you from doing it and will give you all kinds of reasons that you can’t or shouldn’t because he knows how handy it is for God to use His Word hidden in your heart, either in your life or in the lives of those with whom you share it.

This booklet is designed to help the new believer get started by memorizing five scripture verses to help give them scriptural assurance in five key areas: salvation, answered prayer, forgiveness, victory over sin, and guidance. It also helps them to understand the value of scripture memory and explains each scripture and the assurance it gives.

Click on the image to go to NavPress where the booklet can be purchased (in packages of 10) or click here for a PDF sample of the booklet.


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  1. Sam Allgood

    I just found an excellent resource to go with this at the Discipleship Library … a series of messages on the booklet by LeRoy Eims (one of my favorite authors and speakers). You can listen to the messages at

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