2011: Year of Fruitfulness – Part 6

Let’s turn now to the ministry of investing in the souls of men, beginning again with how some people here in Crossroads are involved in that. Several people here are involved in ministering to orphans in Russia, either by supporting the orphans financially and writing and praying for them and others are doing so by actually traveling to Russia to visit orphanages. This ministry is called Orphan’s Hope. They are not only helping those orphanages financially and physically by helping to build or refurbish facilities, but they are making personal connections with the kids, breathing life into their hearts by showing them much-needed love and speaking truth into their spirits as they tell them about and show them the love of Jesus. The orphans’ lives are brightened, many are responding to the gospel of Christ, and some are even committing themselves to continue to work with this ministry in their home country when they are no longer occupants of the orphanages.

In two weeks, on Jan 30th, Orphan’s Hope is hosting a fundraising luncheon here at Crossroads right after worship service, so come on out to support and learn more about this vital ministry.


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