2011: Year of Fruitfulness – Part 5

This is the beginning of my second message …

How many people have thought 2-0-1-1 this week? How many people have tried to figure out what that means and how it relates to my new years resolution? Anyone want to to take a guess? I will tell you a little later what it means, but let’s talk about a few other things first. Again I want to make this interactive, so when I ask a question, I want answers … I want the truth … I can handle the truth! Can you handle the truth?

Last week we talked about the call to fruitfulness as individual Christ-followers. We finished up in 1 Corinthians 3: 10-15 and talked about investing our lives in gold, silver, and costly jewels. What did we say were represented by these elements, the things that will last for eternity (Word of God and the Souls of Men).

Today we will look at how to do that and we’re going to start with looking at some examples of how it is currently happening in the context of Crossroads. A friend of mine used to say that “Example is not a means of teaching … it’s the only means of teaching”. Paul believed in the value of being an example as we see in 1 Corinthians 11:1 … would someone read that for us. I’m going to start with examples of investing in the Word of God, but will focus primarily on investing in the Souls of Men, but you will see that they are actually tied together very closely.

When the elders asked me to speak, they mentioned that maybe I could share more about our ministry in Ireland and that ministry is part of how we are investing in Word. The ministry is part of Community Bible Study International, which we commonly refer to as CBSI. The goal and motto of CBSI is Everyone in the World in the Word. CBSI and its parent organization, CBS, recognize that the Word of God is life-changing and is the source of spiritual life and growth for believers. They have developed a study methodology and produce study guides designed to be used in a community context and available to everyone.

Our role as representatives of CBSI in Ireland is to plant new Bible study groups using CBSI studies, train Bible study leaders and mentor them as they lead, develop a National Servants Team to lead the ministry into the future. The approach that CBSI uses is to send people into their target country several times a year to do these things rather than having them live there for several years. It would be neat to recruit people to go and minister with us in Ireland, but its just not the kind of ministry that can be effectively done without a commitment to going several times a year. What you can do is pray and give … just see me or Patti anytime to get more information about doing that.

Another example that is actually a recent development that is getting underway was initiated by Mary Ellen McCoy, so I’m going to invite Mary Ellen to come up now to share with you the vision that God has placed on her heart. Mary Ellen …

(Mary Ellen shared about a project she is launching to collect Bibles to send to an organization that collects and sends used Bibles to people in other countries who have no Bible.)

Thank you Mary Ellen. So those are a couple of examples of people in Crossroads working to invest in the Word of God by getting people into the Word. Others in Crossroads are involved in small groups studying the Bible together.


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