2011: Year of Fruitfulness – Part 3

Part 2

How many here want to glorify God? Let’s look at what Jesus said about how we do that in John 15: 8, but first, what year is it again? (2011) … would someone read that? So how do we glorify God and prove ourselves to be disciples of Christ? (by bearing fruit) What quantity of fruit? Just a little fruit? (much fruit)

Now read verse 16. Why did Jesus call us? (to bear fruit) What kind of fruit (fruit that will last) In other words, not just someone who makes a decision and then goes on their merry way, but they become a fruitful Christ-follower themselves.

Was this a new idea that Jesus was bringing out … something that was a new spiritual plan as we move into New Testament times? No, it goes back to creation itself.  In Genesis 1: 28, the very first thing that God said to Adam and Eve after it says He blessed them (how many people want to be blessed by God?) … ok, but recognize that with the blessing comes a requirement … right after He blessed them, He said “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth”. Now while He was obviously talking about creating more little Adams and Eves, remember that this was before the Fall and they were without sin, created in the image of God. He was also telling them that they were to reproduce and create more people in His image. How serious was God about this? So serious that later, in Genesis 9: 1, right after the flood and sending Noah and his family out of the ark to start all over, He again blessed them and began and ended His instructions to them with “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth”.


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