2011: Year of Fruitfulness – Part 1

In my first post in this blog, I mentioned that I was preaching at our home church. Here is the text of the first of the two messages, as planned anyhow. I will try to upload an audio in a subsequent post of what I actually said. I will divide this into smaller segments so that it is easier to read without having to do it all at one sitting.

I’m going to do things a little differently this morning. First of all, I’m not going to use slides and I’m going to make this as interactive as I can. So I want to engage you in this time together and will ask you to read some scriptures and answer some questions together. First I want us to watch a short video together that is a test of awareness. (See the video in my previous post). We are simply going to count the number of times that the players in white pass a basketball, so let’s start the video and count them together. (pause slide when counting is done). OK we correctly counted the passes of the basketball … did anyone notice anything unusual in the video. Let’s start it again. (Reading the slide) Did you notice the moonwalking bear?

Life, and church, can be very much like that … we can easily get so caught up in whatever we’re doing that we overlook significant things going on … or maybe fail to notice that they’re not going on. And that’s what I want to talk about today.

We are in the midst of two seasons that provide a relevant platform from which to speak this morning. The first is a new year, a time that many people pause to reflect on accomplishments and failures of the previous year and to consider goals to pursue for the new year, often called new years resolutions. So, how many people have made a new years resolution this year? Could some of you share what yours was?

I have one also and will share with you later what it is. For now, let me just encourage you to develop a mental habit this year. Don’t think about this year as two thousand eleven or twenty eleven. Whenever you write the date on a check or some other document, train yourself to think about it as two zero one one … I’ll explain why when I share my resolution.

The second season that we are in is one of seeking to find a new senior pastor here at Crossroads. This is a challenging time and can be a discouraging time. I have heard that some people are leaving Crossroads already, presumably because they don’t want to be part of that process or part of a church that does not have a senior pastor to lead them. I believe that this is a time to rise to the challenge and we can not only survive this season but thrive in this season if we respond to God’s calling that I will be laying out for you. As the elders called the church together about a month ago to discuss the situation and to pray together about God’s leading for the future, one thought that was impressed on me is that we are a church that has a higher than usual number of people who are not just pew-sitters, but are actively engaged in serving in one form or another at Crossroads. We are truly blessed in that regard. If we properly focus our service, we will excel as we face the challenges ahead. This is not a time for us to run away because we don’t have a senior pastor, but to press forward in obeying the call of God.



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