2011: Year of Fruitfulness – Part 4

Part 3

Let’s look at what Paul taught about this principle and expectation of fruitfulness in 1 Cor 3: 10-15. First, what year is it again? (2011)  Would someone read that for us.

We see in this passage that Paul identifies 6 specific building materials that might be used in building on the foundation of Christ in a believer’s life. These 6 building materials can be sorted into two groups. What would be a natural way to divide them into groups … which materials go together? What is distinctive about each group? What is going to happen when the wood, hay, and straw are placed on that fire that Paul writes about? (goes up in smoke) What is going to happen with the gold, silver, and costly stones? (purified … results in a reward) Think about this … how are YOU going to feel when you stand before God and together you watch that fire and you watch EVERYTHING that you have given your life to go up in smoke? Like the verse says, you will still be saved … even though only as one escaping through the flames.

For me, that would be pretty devastating, especially knowing that God expects more from us and that I could have invested my life in things that would last for eternity instead of spending it on things destined to burn. What about you? Are you spending your life on trivialities or investing it in things of eternal value? What are those things that will last for eternity … the gold, silver, and costly stones? The Bible identifies 2 things that will last forever. The first is the Word of God and the other is the souls of men. You will hear more about these next week as I share my new years resolution for 2 0 1 1 about how we can be fruitful as individual Christ-followers in very practical ways.

As the worship team sings, consider whether you are willing to become, if not so already, a fruitful follower of Christ by investing in the life of another, either by helping someone discover the wonderful plan of salvation of by helping another Christ-follower to be fruitful and what steps to can take to get started in 2 0 1 1.

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